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Makes me get out of bed! I love it!


Do yourself a favor and download this app! It literally makes exercising more enjoyable! Just knowing that by moving around I’m able to donate and make a difference is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Definitely one of the coolest concepts out there.

My favorite app so far! I just love this app!


I just love this app! Keeps me motivated specially because I know I’m supporting causes while staying active. Best discovery so far this year. Keep up the great work!

Amazing app! 5 starts!


UPNDO is the most engaging way to start an active journey! I’ve used to be somewhat sedentary and now with all the healthy competitions and events it offers I’ve become a healthier and active person! This was great but wow! Along the way I was able to give back to my favourite NGOs!! Couldn’t be happier

What is UPNDO?

A tech-for-good startup aiming to combat declining health and productivity caused by physical inactivity.

UPNDO is  a unique platform combines gamification and social impact to motivate individuals to be more active while engaging in their company’s social responsibility  initiatives

By establishing a unique social network fueled by healthy habits and positive social change, we aim to create lasting impacts on individuals, companies, and communities. 💪

Since our launch in March 2020, UPNDO has experienced remarkable growth and impressive key metrics, solidifying our position as a the first app to focus on Wellness and Social Responsibility  – 65 partnerships, 24,000 employees in 25 countries, and a 63% engagement rate🏅

The Community Round Concept

🤝 UPNDO x You: The Power of Community 🤝

UPNDO’s Community Round is powered by the collective support of individuals who believe in the power of positive change. This round isn’t just about capital; it’s about joining a movement and being part of something bigger.

By participating in the Community Round, you’re not just an investor – you’re an advocate for well-being and social impact. 🌱💼

💰 The Investment Round

To accelerate our growth plans and take UPNDO to new heights, we are raising €200,000 📈

Use of funds: 

  • 40% Strategic Hires: Sales, development, marketing

  • 45% Fuel Operations & Growth: Marketing growth engine and digital attribution
  • 15% Marketing: Strategic tools & campaigns

🗓️ Our 12 Month goals:

1. Hire 2 sales reps to double sales

2. Expand to UK and Germany: Hire 1 sales rep in each country

3. Reinforce dev team – new features and integrations on the app (social features, quantified self impact)

4. Marketing investment – 2 large scale physical events

5. Reinforce marketing and customer support team

💼 Your Opportunity

We believe that every investor has the power to make a difference. 

That’s why we’ve set a minimum investment amount of only €100, allowing a wide range of individuals to be part of this transformative journey. 

As an investor, you’ll not only gain potential financial returns but also the satisfaction of contributing to a positive global impact. 🌍

Why Invest in UPNDO

🌍 Make an Impact, Reap the Rewards 🌍

1. Thriving in a Multi-Billion Dollar Market 💸: our platform operates in significant, underserved markets, presenting substantial opportunities for growth and returns. 

2. Proven Market Fit 🏆: we have established successful collaborations with renowned companies, validating our market fit and value proposition. 

3. Unique Market Position 🥇: with no real competitors in our vast market space, UPNDO is positioned to capture significant market share and establish industry leadership.

4. Ambitious Growth Plans 📈: our roadmap projects reaching $25 million in revenue within 5 to 7 years, showcasing our commitment to rapid and sustainable expansion. 

5. Positive User Feedback 🙌: the feedback from our community of users is consistently exceptional, validating the positive impact UPNDO has on individuals and organizations.

6. Valuable Portfolio Addition 📚: aligning your portfolio with UPNDO showcases your dedication to supporting initiatives that benefit our planet, our people, and our communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The investment process for UPNDO’s Community Round follows a simple, structured and straightforward procedure:

  1. Express Your Interest: Begin by completing the form below to express your interest in investing and stating how much will you want to invest.

  2. Once we get that information,  we will send you the documents to sign, (Stock Purchase Order and Termsheet.

  3. We will provide you with the information to make the transfer.

  4. Once the transfer of funds is done we will issue your share certificate 

You can invest as much as you want.  In this round the minimum amount to invest will be 100€. But you can go as high as you want.

You will become part of a community of  UPNDO ambassadors with whom we will have a bidirectional communications channel to improve our services. What does this mean? On the one hand, we would like you to share your ideas with us, and that you tell us your opinion about our company as we continue to grow. On the other hand, you will be notified first of new products and deals.

Each UPNDO share is values at 1.08 Euros

As UPNDO grows we will do more invetment rounds and that value of your share will grow along. There are various ways to exit and get your money back:

– If UPNDO gets acquired by another company – you will be paid according to the number of shares you hold and the valuation of those share in that moment

– If UPNDO goes public – then you can trade your shares in the public market

– When UPNDO does another investment round you may have the opportunity to sell your share at a profit.

Yes, we have raised a 600.000 Euros round before

– R. Pires – Angel Investor – CEO of a Portuguese Company

– Feniz Investments – L. Alvarez – Family Office (Dubai)

– R. Carvalho – COO of a Portuguese Company

– J. Malleu – Govemernent consultant

– F. Membrilleira – MD consulting Company

– B. Sousa – VP of a Oil and Gas company Abu Dhabi

– J. Ascorreta – Commercial Pilot

– R. Azevedo – Commercial Pilot

Currently with a valuation of 10 M Euros and given the opportunity ahead of us we have a clear roadmap to grow UPNDO to 100 M Euros of annual revenues in seven to nine years


We have very high ambitions to be the leading company in Social Impact and Wellness.

UPNDO is a company with a strong mission to become the leading organization in promoting social impact and wellness.

Our vision is to establish a unique Social Network completely fueled by Healthy Habits and Social Impact – Strava 4 good*.

We have established valuable partnerships with many leading companies in the industry, who have recognized the benefits of using our platform to drive engagement, change behaviors, and enhance brand reputation.

Potential outcomes for UPNDO include a successful IPO, or an acquisition by a prominent company within the sports, wearables, or employee benefits platforms sectors.

Although the timeline for these outcomes is difficult to predict, we are currently engaged in discussions with all the leading companies in our field, which is a promising indicator of our progress and potential success.

UPNDO offers a unique Social Network dedicated to promoting healthy habits and social impact. We have gained recognition from top industry players for our innovative approach, which has the potential to result in significant benefits for our company and our partners.

* Strava = Facebook for athletes with 100m active users globally (www.strava.com)


As an investment opportunity UPNDO is a unique company, a well researched / tested concept and business model, operating in a huge market, completely global, which translates into scalability, operated by an ambitious team and leveraging key technologies and models to ensure significant growth.

At UPNDO we leverage Network Effects to grow, a strong IP based on machine learning to strengthen stickiness with users, tokenization and blockchain to introduce transparency, traceability and clarity on Social Impact, and a ratings system to drive adoption by companies, NGO’s, institutions, and governments.

JOIN US in creating the biggest movement of active and kind people in the World


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Thank you for considering UPNDO’s Community Round. Together, we’re turning the tides and creating a brighter future for companies and communities alike.

Invest in Change, Invest in UPNDO! 🌟

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Disclaimer for Investment:

Please note that investing in startups carries inherent risks, and it is important to carefully consider the following disclaimer before making any investment decisions:

  • High-Risk Nature: Startup investments are inherently risky, and there is a significant chance of losing your entire investment. These ventures often lack a proven track record, and success is not guaranteed.
  • Lack of Liquidity: Investments in startups typically lack liquidity, and it may be challenging to sell or transfer your investment. You should be prepared to hold your investment for an extended period.
  • Diversification: It is essential to maintain a well-diversified investment portfolio. Placing a substantial portion of your capital into a single startup carries a higher level of risk.
  • Due Diligence: Before making any investment, conduct thorough due diligence on the startup, its founders, business model, and industry. Seek professional advice if necessary.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that your investment complies with local and national regulations, including securities laws, tax requirements, and other legal obligations.
  • No Guarantees: There are no guarantees of returns or profitability. Startup investments may result in a loss or failure to achieve your desired financial goals.
  • Information Accuracy: Be aware that the information provided by startups may be incomplete or subject to change. Be cautious about relying solely on the information they provide.
  • Illiquidity: Understand that investments in startups may be illiquid and may not be readily tradable on secondary markets, making it challenging to access your invested capital.
  • No Financial Advice: This disclaimer is not financial or investment advice. Consult with a qualified financial advisor or professional to make informed investment decisions.
  • Past Performance: Past performance of a startup or its founders is not indicative of future results. Success or failure can be influenced by numerous factors.
  • Legal Recourse: Understand the legal terms of your investment and the recourse available in the event of disputes or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Consider Risk Tolerance: Assess your risk tolerance, investment goals, and financial situation before committing to any startup investment.
  • By proceeding with a startup investment, you acknowledge and accept these risks and disclaimers. It is highly recommended to consult with a qualified financial advisor or legal professional before making any investment decisions.