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🚀 Tech For Good Startup – SOCIAL IMPACT

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Syndicate lead: Alvaro Lopes Cardoso, Founder & CEO

UPNDO Transforming Human Energy into Positive Social Impact

A tech platform that helps companies and NGOs fight sedentarism, promote healthy habits and enhance visibility on companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility.
It is an intuitive, fast rewarding way to change behaviors and drive social impact.

With this document we want to provide you with visibility on our work at UPNDO, what has been done, showcase our proof of concept (POC) and key results, in order to demonstrate the real value for you when investing in UPNDO.

What are we solving?

1. Fight against lack of physical movement

Which affects billions of people globally and leads to serious health conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, etc.

2. Giving visibility to companies’ social responsibility  

Which is very important as more and more people want to buy and work for companies with a clear social impact.


With UPNDO we created a solution to address these 2 problems by creating a formula to incentivize movement and promote social impact.

💪 By establishing a unique social network fueled by healthy habits and positive social change, we aim to create lasting impacts on individuals, companies, and communities. 

UPNDO a simple and effective solution

⚙️ How UPNDO works:

1.  Movement Motivation: We inspire physical activity by offering a social impactful reward—you can donate to your favorite charity and cause.

2. Empowerment for Impact: We democratize social responsibility, raising awareness for various causes and NGOs globally.

3. Social Community: We foster a supportive tribe that cares about our global community, supports valuable causes, and stays active

📲 Key features

1. Available for most-used operating systems

2. Highly scalable – inclusive and global reach

3. IP – engaging algorithm to incentivize movement and trigger actions

4. Habit forming gamification & social media dynamics

5. Secure, enterprise-grade environment

6. Plug and play community events

7. Measurable real-time performance


⭐ What have we achieved so far:

  • > 20k users
  • > 65 customer companies
  • 90% customer renewal rate over 2.5 years
  • Understanding of user dynamics and how to engage them
  • Understanding of companies’ wellness and social impact needs
  • 1.5m Euros donated to various NGOs globally
  • 260k Euros ARR | 98% growth YoY
  • Strong pipeline worth > 45m Euros


📊 Market size

UPNDO operates in an expansive global market, encompassing a staggering 333.34 million companies.

Our meticulous market analysis has revealed a pressing demand for groundbreaking solutions in the realms of employee well-being, engagement, and social responsibility.

🔢 Key performance metrics

UPNDO has achieved remarkable traction and impressive key metrics, solidifying its position as a market leader. Our rigorous testing and research over two years have paved the way for success.

Since our launch in March 2020, UPNDO’s B2B business model with annual subscriptions has gained significant momentum.

The results are visible:

  • 60+ companies in 25 different business sectors & countries
  • 75% of the adoption rate
  • 88% Net Promoter Score
  • 67% stickiness of engagement at 60 days
  • 2.1 minutes/day engagement at 150 days
  • Company annual renewal rate: 90%

Business Model

🧪 Tested and scalable business model designed to drive growth: 

  • Annual subscriptions

  • Community events

🔜 Coming next:

  • B2B2C
  • Advertising

Unique selling propostion

Because of our strong competitive advantages, UPNDO has no strong competitors.

Our uniqueness relies on leveraging technology, engagement strategies, and social responsibility to create a positive loop where healthier living leads to and is incentivized by positive social impact.

UPNDO a proven, easy to use and effective approach to increased wellness and a visible social responsibility.

Product Simplicity + Innovation

Bringing tech into Wellness and to Corporate Social Responsibility

TECH             +             WELLNESS          +          SOCIAL IMPACT


💡Disruptive: bringing tech into Wellness and to Corporate Social Responsibility

👾 IP: Engaging algorithm

📈 Scalable: Global reach

Simple equation:

Companies + People + Movement = Health + Social Impact

Move for good: Effective and proven way to incentivize movement

– Global reach: can be scalable to anywhere

– Inclusive: Movement based not sports driven (following the WHO recommendations for daily movement)

– New market category: Quantified Self Impact – Measure the impact you have on yourself and others

– Data centric: Going to basic data that is usable and understandable

– Growth opportunity: B2B; B2B2C; insurance, B2C, events, Direct Donations…

* Research shows that, helping others and being generous increases happiness, pair that with improved health for employees and the impact is outstanding.