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Well, we sync your movement from your Health Kit so if you have a wearable or fitness tracker that you wear while exercising, make sure it is linked to your Health Kit, then, your movement will still be syncing in UPNDO. Anyway at UPNDO we aim to motivate you to move more throughout the day. Reaching 1 Dollar is easy just by a slight increase of your daily movement around the house, office, supermarket or just by doing a nice 30 minutes walk.

You will find both in the app and in the website our contact. Also, we have made sure there is a clear feedback button on the main screen of the app but you can always reach us with ideas at [email protected].

There are multiple reasons why you could get no points. Most common reasons for not getting points are easy to solve so please check the following:
Check your movement is appearing in your Apple Kit (either Apple Health or Google Fit). Remember we are only able to sync movement coming from those sources.
Check your Health Kit is installed and activated.
Check UPNDO is connected to the Health Kit so we can sync the data


  • I signed-up in the UPNDO account and I want to sync my Apple Health.
    • Open Apple Health >> Click on the profile icon (top right corner) >> Click on Apps (under the Privacy section) >> Select UPNDO >> Confirm that all categories are turned on
  • I have a wearable device and sometimes, the data I see on my device does not show up in my Apple Health.
    • In case you use a smartwatch, confirm if the activities synced between the device and Apple Health have the steps count listed in Apple Health. If they are not listed, you may try to force an update in Apple Health every couple of minutes.
    • Make sure to also enable your Health app & Fitness tracking. You can check it on Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Enable Fitness tracking > Enable the Health app


  • I signed-up in the UPNDO account and I want to sync my Google Fit.
    • After log in, you will be presented a page to select the Google Fit account. After selecting it, UPNDO will load the last 48 hours of movement records from Google Fit, and you may confirm it by checking the Home Page and/or the Leaderboard.
    • Make sure to confirm permissions to your data. You may check that by going to your Google Fit APP > Profile > Settings, in the upper right corner of the page > Manage connected apps > checking if the APP is visible.
  • I have a wearable device and sometimes the data I see on my device does not show up in my Google Fit. Confirm if the activities synced between the wearable and Google Fit are listed in Google Fit Journal's tab, and if they have steps count.

If you are still receiving no points, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We refresh our screens periodically but sometimes it can take a while if the connection is slow. You can manually refresh all our screens by swiping downwards.

Not for now. Both iOS and Android do not give the differentiation of manual vs auto entry. If we tap into accelerometer in the future this will not be a problem. Also, if we have a daily maximum, fraud is under control.


We follow a double verification. The first requirement is to be registered in the UN (United Nations) and also to be backed up by a Fortune 1000. This is a guarantee to make sure the selected charities follow the minimum standards and are worth your donation. Feel free to reach out to suggest more of your favourite causes.

Every 2 months your company will donate through bank transfer to the charities with donations and they will communicate with you the proof of payment.

When you go to make a donation you will see how much money you have available. You can use the slider bar to change the amount and choose how much or how little you want to donate to that particular charity. You can decide to split the money you have earned in several charities or just one. The important thing here is that you are contributing to the causes that matter you the most!

Up to 2$. The target is set at 1$ that equals 25 points but you can reach up to 50 points daily that equals 2$. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 150 mins. of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity or at least 75 mins. of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week. The 1$ target and the max of 2$ are related to that so if you are earning 1$ a day you are exercising healthily.

You can reach out to UPNDO NPO management team at [email protected].

Sponsors (Corporate Partners)

The company you work for and other corporate partners that are willing to make an impact. In the homepage of the website you will find a list of all of our sponsors.

The money comes from our sponsors. You will always know who is sponsoring your donation because the logo and name of the company will be visible when you make the donation.

You can reach out to our Commercial Team at [email protected]

We want to hear from you!

We value your opinion and would love to hear from you about how we can improve our service, please feel free to send us your comments

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