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At UPNDO, we aim to have an impact on our global community by increasing the engagement of people and companies with our environment and society at large. This is achieved through rewarding and recognizing healthy living and driving support globally for environmental and social causes.

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About Upndo

Be healthy by supporting your favourite causes!

UPNDO is a unique platform that has two drivers at its core: physical movement and social consciousness.

UPNDO connects individuals, companies and NPOs by transforming people’s physical movement into social and environmental change.

How it Works

We translate human energy into positive change

We have the clear mission of creating the biggest movement of active kind people in the world, and we are passionate about it.

Representation of progress

We capture and reward your physical movement

Users contribute by being physically active.
All their movement is synced from their Health Kits.

Your points represent real money

When UPNDO users move their energy is converted into monetary value that they can allocate to their favorite NPOs.

Representation of a daily target

Corporate partners that want to make a difference

Organisations want to involve both their employees and customers in stimulating social progress.

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Who do we support?

Non Profit Organizations (NPOs)

Every single dollar allocated for NPO’s will be donated to them. 100% for good model.

We want to hear from you!

We value your opinion and would love to hear from you about how we can improve our service, please feel free to send us your comments

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