The 10 commandments of UPNDO

APP – How does it work?


1. Open the UPNDO APP everyday

📲 In order for us to count your movement, we need you to open the UPNDO APP on a regular basis!  

⏱️ Your movement will only be uploaded and updated when you open the UPNDO app, so do not forget to open it at least every 48h so that your movement can be registered. If you don’t open it, your movement will not be validated.

2.Always carry your mobile phone/fitness tracker with you

📳 UPNDO can only track your movement if you have your mobile phone/fitness tracker/smartwatch with you while you move, so make sure you carry them with you all the time!

⚠️ Make sure you connect Google Fit or Apple Health to UPNDO. If you have a fitness tracker/smartwatch that you use during exercise, make sure it is also connected and  synchronised with Google Fit/Apple Health.

3. Walk, run or cycle

🚫 UPNDO doesn’t read manual activities, so don’t enter manual activities into the Health Kit or your fitness app, because they won’t be taken into account in the UPNDO App.

In UPNDO, we only count movements that are accessible to everyone, athletes and non-athletes, such as walking, running or cycling. 🚶‍♂️🏃‍♀️🚴

⚠️ Your activity must be at least 3 minutes long for us to count your movement.

4. Achieve the Daily Target every day

⭕ The Daily Target, also known as the circle that appears on the APP, is based on what the World Health Organization says we should move to be healthy.

This is based on three factors: intensity, duration and distance of the activity.

💪 By closing this circle you are making sure you stay healthy. 

⚠️ You can close a maximum of two circles per day and you will reach the maximum daily monetary value that you can generate daily

5. Collect the maximum amount of Energy Points

🏆 To reach the top of the leaderboard and later on be recognised as the most active UPNDER in your company, you need to collect as many Energy Points as possible!

The more you move, the more energy points you collect.

💯 100 Energy points corresponds to a 45min walk, a 3km run or a 10km bike ride.

6. Make your donation regularly

💰 To generate a constant impact on our community it is important that you donate on a regular basis. 

💙 You can donate as many times as you want, to as many NGOs as you want, the amount of money you want.

You just have to move in order to generate money!

7. Visit the online page

🙌  Visit this page regularly so that you won’t miss a thing! 

👀 Pay special attention to the dashboard, as this is the place where you will be able to see more information about your performance, your colleagues’ performance and the results of the mega campaigns and challenges that are being launched!

8. Invite your colleagues

👫🏽 Invite your colleagues to join UPNDO and get a bonus!

If you know colleagues who have not yet joined this movement, encourage them to download the UPNDO APP.

✉️ Send us an email to with the name of the colleague you invited and as soon as he/she downloads, you will receive a donation bonus!

One for all and all for one!

9. Encourage community spirit

Together we are stronger!

There are 4 simple steps you can take to foster community spirit:

👉 Put a profile picture on the APP so everyone knows who you are.

👉 Send us a testimonial of your experience with UPNDO to motivate everyone to join this movement (email:

👉 Share on social media your achievements and your participation in this movement and don’t forget to identify @upndoapp and your company. 

👉 Invite your colleagues to go for a walk with you in the morning, at lunchtime, in the afternoon, whenever you like!

10. Commit yourself

😱 Your company is giving you the opportunity to change the world simply through your movement! 

 Make a commitment to move every day, not only to improve your physical and mental health, but also to generate a strong positive impact on our community. 







I am unable to generate points/money with my movement, what should I do?

📳 UPNDO can only track your movement if you have your mobile phone/fitness tracker/smartwatch with you while you move, so make sure you carry them with you all the time!

⚠️ Make sure you connect Google Fit or Apple Health to UPNDO. If you have a fitness tracker/smartwatch that you use during exercise, make sure it is also connected and synchronized with Google Fit/Apple Health

⁉️ If you still have questions, please refer to the problem solving guide below:
For users of Android
For users of Iphone

Do you have a Mi Band or Amazfit? Check the Xiaomi connection guide 

Got a Fitbit? Check this out Fitbit connection guide

If you still have questions, contact us at

How much do I need to move to reach the Daily Target?

⭕ The Daily Target is linked to the recommendations set by the World Health Organization for a healthy lifestyle. 

1 Daily Target = 100 Energy Points

💪 To reach the Daily Target you don’t have to be an athlete and run a half marathon, a 45 min walk, a 3km run or a 10km bike ride is enough to close the circle.

🤓Can’t reach your daily target? Follow these tips and you’ll see that it’s never been easier to be healthy:

1. Park your car as far away as possible from where you are going.
2. Get off the train one stop before your final destination and walk there.
3. Take the stairs instead of the lift.
4. Take a nice walk at the end of the day with your family or friends and catch up.
5. Take a walk around the block during your lunch break and invite your colleagues to go with you.

I went for a 3km run and my colleague who only walked won more Energy Points than me, how?

🏃 Your activity is calculated based on the healthy lifestyle recommendations set by the World Health Organisation (stating that we should move at least 45min a day).

On average, a Daily Target is closed with:

👉 45 min walk
👉 3km run
👉 10km bike ride

🙌 UPNDO is an inclusive APP, we don’t want only athletes to have the opportunity to compete and support important causes.

So the amount of Energy Points you earn depends on the intensity, distance and duration of the activity. 

If one person runs 3km but another does a 40min walk at a brisk pace, this person may have more Energy Points. 

What is the maximum amount of money I can raise on a daily basis?

💰 The monetary value of your Daily Target is set by your company and is visible at the top right of the UPNDO home screen.

⭕ The Daily Target is equal to 100 Energy Points, but you can double it and that is the maximum monetary value you can reach per day – i.e. per day, you can close two circles, i.e. reach two Daily Targets. 

What is the minimum that can be donated? And what is the maximum?

💰 When you go to make a donation, you will see how much money you have available.

👉 You can use the slider bar to change the amount and decide how much you would like to donate to that specific NGO.

👉 There is also the possibility of splitting the money you have earned between several NGOs.

💙 The important thing here is that you are contributing to the causes that matter the most to you!

Where does the money come from to donate to NGOs?

👏 Your company makes the donations for you! Where does the money come from you ask? The money comes from your company’s social responsibility budget.

👉 The list of NGOs is defined by your company. Feel free to contact and suggest your favourite NGOs.